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Giacomo Cortes (GC) may use Cookies and other Tracking Technologies for the following purposes:

when necessary for system administration, security, and integrity to ensure the GC Site works properly for you. Without these technologies, the GC Site may not function correctly; to enable analytics, performance and functionality, to help GC gather information about how visitors use the GC Site and monitor GC Site performance, and to enhance your experience by recognizing and remembering whether you have visited the GC Site before and may have any personal preferences; and to support marketing by enabling GC and Partners to deliver content relevant to your interests on the GC Site and third-party sites based on how you interact with GC or Partner advertisements or content. GC and Partners use “first-party” cookies, which means cookies served by GC or an individual Partner, and also “third-party” cookies, which means cookies served by third parties that help GC and Members track this information. You have some options for managing Cookies and other Tracking Technologies. These include:
Modifying your browser settings: You should be able to control how and whether your web browser accepts Cookies by adjusting its privacy and security settings. The “help” feature of the menu bar on most browsers will tell you how to stop accepting new Cookies, how to receive notification of new Cookies, and how to disable existing Cookies. If you reject GC’s Cookies, many functions and conveniences of the GC Site may not work properly. Opting-out of certain third-party tracking and advertising: Some of the third parties used by GC or a Partner for Cookies and Tracking Technologies offer the ability to opt-out from their tracking by following processes described on their websites. A list of some such third parties is maintained and available at the GC learner Help Center and includes, for some, links to applicable opt-out processes. Neither GC nor any Member is responsible for the effectiveness of any third-party opt-out options.

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GC and Partners use information, including Personal Information, to carry out the following purposes:
Operate and improve the GC Site – This includes creating and improving features that support the GC community and enable GC Site usage at scale. This also includes personalizing the GC Site, so your learning experience is tailored to your interests and needs.
Create, administer, provide, and teach courses – This includes creating and improving the delivery of massive open online courses and programs on GC. This also includes personalizing courses, so your learning experience is tailored to your interests and needs, and assessing your performance and awarding certificates.
Offer and improve products and services – This includes enabling you to navigate the GC Site, to enroll and participate in courses and programs on the GC Site, to learn effectively in such courses and programs, and to purchase or obtain products and services on the GC Site such as Verified Certificates.
Develop and maintain the security and performance of the GC Site – This includes tracking GC Site outages and creating software solutions, detecting violations of the Honor Code and Terms of Service, and monitoring uses, misuses, and potential misuses of the GC Site.
Communicate with you – This includes answering your course and platform questions, notifying you of course and GC Site maintenance and updates, marketing to you about course offerings, programs, news, and related products and services of GC or GC affiliates, and as permitted under applicable law, sending you communications about products or services of selected business partners that may be of interest to you.
Support scientific research including, for example, in the areas of cognitive science and education – This includes collaborating to enable and conduct research about how learners access and master course materials online, with the goal of improving course outcomes.
Track GC Site usage against goals and mission – This includes performing analytics to evaluate access to and performance in courses and course-related products and services and to report aggregate usage information (not Personal Information) to business partners and external audiences.
Exercise, enforce, and comply with legal rights and obligations – This includes responding to subpoenas, court orders, or other legal process; and investigating, preventing, or taking action regarding illegal activities, suspected fraud, security or technical issues, or to protect the rights, property, or safety of GC, Partners, or others, and as otherwise required by applicable law.

GC or a Partner may also seek your consent for additional uses of information, including Personal Information, and will use it only for the purpose described to you. All use of Personal Information is subject to applicable law.

Effective Date: July 15, 2020